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December 2007, Volume 3, Number 2 On Schiffer's Arguments Against the Fregean Model of 'that-clauses': A Comment on Vignolo Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Paolo Bonardi
Volume 5, Number 2 - 2009 On the Interpretation of Hume's Epistemology Abstract   PDF
João Paulo Monteiro
Vol 8, No 2 (2015) On the Metaphysics of Mental Causation Abstract   PDF
Dwayne Moore, Neil Campbell
Volume 6, Number 1 - 2010 On the Possibility of Contigently Dispositional Properties Abstract   PDF
Vassilios Livanios
Volume 6, Number 2 - 2011 Phenomenal Character as the Mode of Presentation of Environmental Properties Abstract   PDF
Roberto Horácio de Sá Pereira
Special Issue II – 2008 Phenomenology - Contribution to Cognitive Science Abstract   PDF
Andrew Brook
Special Issue II – 2008 Phenomenology as a Toolbox for Cognitive Science Abstract   PDF
Lars Schwabe, Olaf Blanke
Special Issue II – 2008 Phenomenology, Neuroscience and Impairment Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Cole
Special Issue VI – 2012 Précis of "Knowledge on Trust" Abstract   PDF
Paul Faulkner
Special Issue III – 2009 Précis of Reliable Reasoning: Induction and Statistical Learning Theory Abstract   PDF
Gilbert Harman, Sanjeev Kulkarni
Special Issue V – 2010 Précis of "The Ethics of Care and Empathy" Abstract   PDF
Michael Slote
Special Issue I – 2008 Précis of THE HUMAN ANIMAL Abstract   PDF
Eric Olson
Special Issue IV – 2009 Précis of "The Possibility of Knowledge" Abstract   PDF
Quassim Cassam
Special Issue II – 2008 Précis: The Phenomenological Mind Abstract   PDF
Shaun Gallagher, Dan Zahavi
Special Issue I – 2008 Problems for Animalism Abstract   PDF
Dean Zimmerman
Volume 2, Number 2 - 2006 Propositions: What They Could and What They Could not Be Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Massimiliano Vignolo
Volume 5, Number 2 - 2009 Prospects for an Intentionalist Theory of Self-Deception Abstract   PDF
Kevin Lynch
Volume 2, Number 2 - 2006 Qualia and Meaning – Critique to Paul Churchland Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Alberto Carrillo Canán, María Denisse Vásquez Recinos
Vol 8, No 1 (2014) Reactive Commitments: Reasoning Dialectically about Responsibility Abstract   PDF
David Botting
Volume 4 Number 1 – 2008 Reconsidering the Epistemology of Deductive-Inferential Validity Abstract   PDF
Florian Demont
Roberto Sá Pereira
Special Issue III – 2009 Remarks on Harman and Kulkarni's "Reliable Reasoning" Abstract   PDF
Michael Strevens
Special Issue I – 2008 Replies Abstract   PDF
Eric Olson
Special Issue VI – 2012 Replies Abstract   PDF
Paul Faulkner
Special Issue V – 2010 Reply to Noddings, Cottingham, Driver and Baier Abstract   PDF
Michael Slote
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