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Special Issue II – 2008 Reply: A Phenomenology with Legs and Brains Abstract   PDF
Dan Zahavi, Shaun Gallagher
Special Issue I – 2008 Response to Eric Olson Abstract   PDF
Lynne Rudder Baker
Special Issue III – 2009 Response to Shaffer, Thagard, Strevens and Hanson Abstract   PDF
Gilbert Harman, Sanjeev Kulkarni
Volume 4 Number 2 – 2008 Rules, Games, and Society Abstract   PDF
Martin A. Bertman
Roberto Sá Pereira
Vol 10 (2017) Self-Forming Actions, Non-Self-Forming Actions, and Indeterminism: A Problem for Kane’s Libertarianism Abstract   PDF
Neil Campbell
Volume 5, Number 2 - 2009 Semantic Reference not by Convention? Abstract   PDF
Jessica Pepp
Volume 1, Number 1 - 2004 Sentidos e Propriedades Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Abílio Azambuja
Vol 7, No 2 (2013) Silogísticas Keynesianas: As Inferências Imediatas Abstract   PDF
Frank Thomas Sautter, Isac Fantinel Ferreira
Volume 4 Number 1 – 2008 Skepticism, Externalism and Inference to the Best Explanation Abstract   PDF
Jochen Briesen
Volume 2, Number 1 - 2005 Sobre a Concepção da Verdade em Tarski Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Abílio Azambuja
Vol 7, No 1 (2013) Social Ontology and Social Cognition Abstract   PDF
Patrizio Lo Presti
Special Issue VII – 2014 Symposium on How We Get Along: Responses to Critics Abstract   PDF
J. David Velleman
Volume 5, Number 2 - 2009 Synaesthesia and the Relevance of Phenomenal Structures in Perception Abstract   PDF
Michael Sollberger
Volume 4 Number 1 – 2008 Testimony, Transmition, and Safety Abstract   PDF
Joachim Horvath
Special Issue VI – 2012 Testimony, Trust, and Social Norms Abstract   PDF
Peter J. Graham
Volume 2, Number 2 - 2006 The Impact of Science on Metaphysics and its Limits Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Michael Esfeld
Special Issue II – 2008 The Importance and Limits of Phenomenological Mind Abstract   PDF
Marc Slors
Volume 3, Number 1 - 2006 The Methodological Character of Symmetry Principles Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Otávio Bueno
Special Issue IV – 2009 The Possibility of Knowledge: Reply to Denis Bühler, Daniel Dohrn, David Lüthi, Bernhard Ritter and Simon Sauter Abstract   PDF
Quassim Cassam
Vol 8, No 1 (2014) The Regulative and the Theoretical in Epistemology Abstract   PDF
Robert Lockie
Vol 7, No 1 (2013) The Rise and Fall of Disjunctivism Abstract   PDF
Walter Horn
Special Issue IV – 2009 The Role of Obstacles and their Elimination in Cassam's Multi-Levels Work Abstract   PDF
Simon Sauter
Volume 5, Number 1 - 2009 The Skeptical Deal with our Concept of External Reality Abstract   PDF
Cláudio Costa
Vol 8, No 1 (2014) The Theory of the Formal Discipline and the Possible Interpretations of Conditionals: Material Versus Defective Conditionals Abstract   PDF
Miguel López Astorga
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